What is the best way to determine if a person is ready to move on or start a new relationship?

There is a beautiful girl that I'm fancying for a while now. She is a sweetie but she isn't being treated right by the one man she is with. I know this because when I inquired how things with him are going she told me how she felt and was weeping.

I felt sympathy for her when I noticed her being sad or upset. I sat near her to give her comfort. I told her that everything will be okay.

She is going through a rough time, she lost her home, because her parents divorced, and the boyfriend she once loved, doesn't love her anymore.

I asked her how she felt about moving on. I also inquired about kissing her and tried to. However, I felt like she needs more time to decide what is right for her. She seemed happy that I'm trying to help her.

On a side note I brought some eye creme from her mother, and she told me she used the square for the first time. Also, here is a picture of me and Valerie.

Do you have any suggestions on how to help Valerie feel better, and move on?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)



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  • Hmmm...first off don't make a move while she's still with another guy...if she isn't ready she will resent you and you will blow it. Second...there is a big difference between the leaver and the left. If she's the leaver then she probably checked out emotionally a long time ago and will likely need less time to be ready...if she finds herself being the left she will need time. If you are patient she will let you know when she's ready...she knows how you feel and just be there for her without pushing...the ball is in her court so to speak.

    • right on! Thanks for the insight on the leaver and left, Great advice. =)

    • Just remember sometimes in an abusive relationship...the abused don't realize they deserve so much better. So they push away good things and people. It takes a lot of patience to love and heal a broken woman. I wish you the best of luck!


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  • if they keep seeing you, and are a good listener and responsible.:)


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  • She won't be up for starting anything with you until she's worked through this situation. Maybe they'll break up and maybe they won't, but she won't be ready for anything with you while this is going on.

    Just listen and be a friend...but don't try to intervene and don't give her advice..that will almost certainly boomerang.

    Asking about kissing her is ALWAYS a bad idea in this situation!

    And never ASK about that..just do it if the spirit moves you!

    But I wouldn't do that while she's going through problems in her current relationship, for sure!


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