Guys that have been cheated on?

If you have been cheated on before how can a new girlfriend earn your trust? Is there something she could say or do to reassure your feelings?

If she doesn't respond to a text or call right away? If she has male aquaintences that she's polite with? Or talks with your male friends when you're away for a few minutes (like you're all hanging out together).

Is there anything she can say or do to make you feel more comfortable in these circumstances? Or can you think/remember a scenario that made you think/feel "wow, I really trust this girl"

On a side note ...he doesn't seem to believe that he sexually satisfies me either. I've told him how much he does and I'm always honest but he seems to think I'm just stoking his ego. Any ideas?


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  • ooh I think if a guy is checking you out lean into your boyfriend, or if a guy is trying to flirt with you say something like this is my boyfriend and he's amazing. I wonder what its like to be cheated on, I feel like id be well you basically just broke up with me, but did it in a way where I'm not upset because your clearly a scum if you cheat so idk...

    • Well we're always affectionate when we're together, but I think the problem stems from when we're apart. He works more than me so I'm out by myself a lot. For instance, he might call and I'll be on the phone with him when a guy passes by and says hi or asks a quick question. Non of these guys are friends, just people I see most days - aquaintences.

  • I've been cheated on but it was an extreme scenario. She was getting drugs off one guy and I know how she was "paying him back." She also cheated on me with another "ex" who kept wanting to come over for sex.

    All a girl has to do for me is keep in touch actively and not let me feel like I'm putting all the effort to stay in touch. Basically, don't take me for granted or I'll think other guys are in the picture and that you'll drift off. If she has guy friends, a person will only think it's a problem if they do things like go to each others' houses late at night alone and such, or if the guy keeps flirting and she doesn't outright tell him to stop. A lot of girls will act like they are faithful yet never turn down a guy's flirts due to their cravings for attention all the time.

    The sexual thing is his insecurity. He shouldn't overly concern himself.


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