Torn between two guys, what to do?

This is the worst feeling in the world.

Guy A, he is my boyfriend for 3 years and downs and he has hurt me before, however he learnt a lot and we reached a point where were incredibly happy together, his problem is that gives up on me kinda easy and breaking up is always an options.. he broke up once for 3 months but then came back and started from zero..stuff went great. Anyway a month ago he broke up with me again, and I decided that's it..i won't go back to him, that's when guy B came along..

Guy B is incredibly sweet, we have a load of stuff in common, he is very interested and wants a serious commitment, he is older than I am with 3 years (Ex is younger with almost a year). I like him a lot, I don't yet have feelings but I see potential.

The problem: A week ago my boyfriend came back, asking to get back together..I said no.. he got really hurt and started crying..i told him I can't just go back like that, I need time .. he said okay take your time. I felt guilty so I told guy B I need to get away for a while, he got upset and said that he wants me and he won't let me go!.. this only made stuff worse. I don't know what to do now .. yeah I don't love my boyfriend as much now , because we didn't talk for over a month, but this happened before and my love eventually comes back (I loved guy A to the bone, first love). But the thought of giving up on guy B is killing me.. I miss him so much! Then again, giving up on guy A makes me feel that I have lost someone whom I loved so much and learnt to appreciate and love me so much!

I won't lie to you, I wanna be happy.. I don't wanna hurt anyone and I hate leaving them hanging like this.. Please someone help me, I really need some advice here :)
Also, both guys are very decent..and serious about commitment , when my boyfriend (guy A) came back said that he will never let me go again, and that he bought a small apartment for us and he is planning to propose in November.. also guy B used to casually bring up marriage and kids and stuff like that ..


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  • imo, see both of them as temporary options and neither of them as long term options.

    forget about the one who is mentally aligned with you, has a lot in common with you or has a similar life situation. go with the one that you are emotionally attached to and sexually attracted to. because in the end, without that lust, it's just friendship.


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