Im very confused about my feelings for my ex

Long story short I was with my ex 7 years lived together and have a child. We are broken up nearly 4 years. I left him for a few reasons including I fell out of love with him. We barely talk. He just sends texts about our child is all. he's a good dad. he's been in a relationship since for maybe 2 years and I like her she's a good person. They broke up recently (maybe just a break) I feel he's bitter with me because I know he disnt want us to end when we did. Iv been in 2 short relationships since and am currently single. Lately (2-3months)iv been thinking about him which is strange because I use to dislike him very much. Iv tried to communicate ask him how he is how his family is etc. But he shuts me out. But I'm begining to feel likeid like to spwnd a night with him talk to him feel him again. I don't know why all these feelings are happening? Iv felt this way even before his relationship broke up. I don't want to hurt anyone but should I try and tell him how I'm feeling latelt or put it down to something else? Its been nearly 4 years so it feels strange :-/


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  • The only person who can help you is him. You will not get any resolution until you talk to him - that I can promise you.

  • I would give him a bit to get over this other relationship. 2 years is a while and if it's only been 'a bit', I'm assuming around a month or so? He needs more time to resolve his feelings for her, before you present him with this. I do think you should talk to him about it though, just respect that he may be going through a grieving process right now.


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