How can I make my boyfriend appreciate me more?

I was thinking maybe I should back off he shows me he cares and has thought about a future with me but says he doesn't think that hard ahead and it doesn't help that his f*ckin ex keeps pushing his buttons and texting him telling him he is worthless and stuff.

We've been together about 8 months and have come through a lot but sometimes I tell myself maybe I should break up with him I have before and he begged me back he doesn't realize anything till I'm gone we hang out a lot but lately I've been the one taking a step back saying would I be happy "if". I'm 50/50 I'm not looking for a ring or anything soon I just want him to realize how ride or die I am and I'll always have his back we haven't said I love you yet but I have heard him say it accidentally he caught himself I said so you love me? he didn't really say anything. I think he is scared of the long term commitment he even said himself if I'm going to be with him long term I have to get use to him using the bathroom with the door open lol.

Is he scared?


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  • It's not that hard for him to get a new phone number or block her number. I've done it before. You can't make your boyfriend appreciate and even if you could do you really think that's worth the time? There are so many guys out there that will appreciate you without the extra effort. The time has come to let this guy go. You're very young and you will definitely find someone that appreciates you.


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