What is going on with this guy?

My guy of 5 years dumped me out of the blue.

There was no infidelity, no signs of trouble. We had a simple disagreement that pushed him to believe we were no good together - after five years!

He cried when he gave me the news. I knew we had a fight, but never thought we;d break up! Days later, he came to get his things but left empty handed, saying it was too hard.

Since then, he has come up with excuses to see me. Texted me, and even called to ask silly questions.

He always said he loved me, that was never an issue. He knows I didn't want to break up. His friends have told me that he misses me.

So what is going on? Is he trying to reconcile or just keeping me at arms length to ease the pain during the transition?

Thanks for any thoughts.



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  • Wish I new how long ago the break-up was. Regardless, he did the breaking up so if you guys are to reconcile he kind of needs to be the one who does it. The ball is in his court. In the mean time try not to think to much about him and go about your business. Don't contact him... in many instances absence makes the heart grow fonder. Best of luck!


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  • He found out he is gay.

    • If only! That would make sense, this other nonsense doesn't.

    • Ok OK ok... OWHUMMmmmmmm he found out he is attracted to his best guy friend, and is SOOOOOOO upset plus his pre-op sex change hormones are wreaking havoc on him.

      Who cares? You're basically asking why a sensitive crybaby sissy won't love you? Get a real f***ing man, or, a butch dyke. CCD hit me up mang

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  • sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. if I was you I'd tell him you don't like these games he's playing either take a break and not talk so he can decide.


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