I can't be the only one!

Havent talked with my ex girlfriend for more than 3 months,i Haven't seen her either but I am constantly thinking about her...We broke up a couple of years ago,but we were still in contact.

Other boys/girls in the same situation how do you handle it?


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  • Nope- you're definitely not the only one. First guy I ever really loved, I didn't even REALIZE I wasn't actually over him until I finally started seeing someone else and he pointed it out (in a nice way, he was a good guy...).

    I was still friends with my ex, we still saw each other on a quasi-regular basis, I still thought about him a lot, still felt like maybe things could work out in the future for us, but was also willing to acknowledge time apart might be best. Then he sort of severed contact with me and my group of friends- we barely heard from him, he and I lost touch for the most part. Of course, it didn't necessarily stop me from thinking about him, or from being right back where I used to be whenever I did see him- half in love with him still lol.

    Honestly- the only way I dealt with it was to just keep going on with my own life, chasing dreams, working, meeting new people, having fun etc. Eventually, I realized he wasn't the centre of my life anymore and I started actually dating someone else seriously.

    I saw the ex a few weeks ago for the first time in years and the first time since he got married, met his pregnant wife. It was a bit weird at first, but I was also genuinely glad to see him, and see him happy. I confess him telling me I looked good felt pretty good (who doesn't want their ex to think they look good?), but I wasn't thrown back to wanting him again- he has his life, I have mine and we're both better for going our own way.

    Main solution- going on with your life and giving it time...


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  • dude, same except add two years to that number:/

    • Ahh I see.Its really hard to get over someone that you really loved!

    • Btw can you pls tell me your age?Because 2 years is a long time and if you are under 30 its even more :)

  • Handle what? You're not together anymore, it's time to try to move on. There's nothing to handle.


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