Do rebound relationships ever last? My friend started one right after divorce.

I have a friend whose divorce from her husband was just made final only a week or two ago, and she's already seeing someone new. The divorce wasn't due to cheating, rather a lot of dysfunction, emotional and sexual abuse to her, a controlling and neglectful husband, etc. She really needed out.

But now I'm very concerned about her that she's already found a new guy. She has a lot of pent up sexual frustration for one thing, so I'm sure that's what this new guy is all about right now. And I'm concerned she's just gonna go wild and crazy for awhile.

Do you think this new relationship will last?

Do rebounds ever last?

How can I help her?


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  • I view rebound relationships as a band-aid over your heart to help it heal after it's been torn apart.

    I had a 3 year relationship back in HS & college which ended abruptly for no reason. Within less than a month I went back to college and had a new boyfriend. Little over 3 months later, while talking to my boyfriend on the phone, I realized I really didn't like him in that way, that I never did and broke up with him right then.

    In looking back over the whole thing I realized that he was a rebound and being with him took the edge off the pain from the long term relationship I had just gotten out of.

    However, my ex from the 3 year relationship also had a rebound relationship. He met & and started dating a new girl less than a week after he dumped me. A few months later, he married her. They're still together today (as far as I know) but I do not believe it's the healthiest, true love type of marriage I'd ever want. A few years after they were married, she had an affair which he forgave her for. But to this day, he still possesses a box of all the mementos from our relationship. Told his wife that it was HIS box and he was never getting rid of it and she was never to touch it. I haven't seen this guy in 15 years. I only know this information because we talked on the phone a few years ago but when I learned all of this stuff, I stopped talking to him. I was creeped out because he carries this torch for me when he's married with kids. I don't want anything to do with that mess.

    So I think it'll depend on the strength of your friend. If she's strong, then she'll get this out of her system and move on. If she's not so strong, then she may decide to marry this new guy just because it's easier for her to do that than to go it alone. But it's not really your responsibility to do anything. She's a grown adult, she has to take responsibility for herself.

    • Thanks for your input. No, she isn't strong in the sense that she's an emotional wreck, and she has an abusive background also. I'm fearful for her, but yes, she's an adult. I just hate to see her crash and burn, which I'm pretty sure at some point she's gonna do.

  • not really because you need to heal and usually it takes time alone and self reflection, getting in an ew relationship could mean you are supressing a lot of emotions.

    • Suppressing emotions...good point. You mean like they're trying not to deal with the emotions?

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