I can't stop stalking my ex on social networks?

I've never had good luck with relationships, I fell into puppy love in my first relationship at 16 and the guy who I fell for left me for a hot foriegn chick who was visiting on the holiday, on Christmas he dropped me for her. She was everything I was not...smart, big boobs, long legs, talented. It took a lot for me to get over him I went whoring around looking for attention and two years later I'm going through the exact same deja vu. I just got out of a relationship which started out as f*** buddies with this guy I knew since freshman year...he was in a band and guys in bands have this mentality that they are p**** magnets so his ego was kind of big. At first, I knew my place...I was his bitch, and we were pretty exclusive, I met his mom, friends, little sis, etc. He broke it off with me a couple months later saying he "wanted to explore new p****" but I later found out that was a cover up because he was secretly seeing a foriegn chick from Germany that was leaving soon and he wanted to sleep with her before she went back. Little did he know that the girl he was fixed on was seeing my first love (yes the same one who left me for the Colombian bitch) and he found out that she was more into my ex than she was into him.This deja vu and love triagnle that I was excluded from just made me feel like the side slut and left me more insecure than ever. He came running back to me after being rejected telling me that I was the one he needed and being the weak bitch that I am, I let him into my life and we dated. He was a sh*tty boyfriend and barely gave me attention besides sex but swore that he was into me. Eventually I began demanding attention because I was insecure, he got annoyed and left meand his f***ing ego must be bigger than ever since I let him win me back. Ever since he shut me down for the second time, I've been stalking all of his profiles and I'm very insecure I keep thinking someone better is going to replace me and I'm never good enough for anyone, I can't deal with this compulsive stalking, I want to stop, but it comes way too naturally, all of my relationships leave me feeling like the side slut and I

m the most faithful girl. I feel so taken advantage of and I feel like I can't deal with seeing him move on and progress without me. I know he's a sh*tty boyfriend but I can't forgive myself for giving him a second chance. HE told me he would make it up to me but this was the biggest dissapoinment ever since I was doing fine and living my life perfectly find after he left me the first time. Now it's like my world stopped spinning. What should I do to get back on track?
thank you all, I'm over it now


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  • Don't be that harsh on yourself. If you think that giving him a second chance was a mistake, just learn from that for the future, but don't torture yourself thinking that you shouldn't have. We all make mistakes cause we're human beings.

    and this guy, or any other, doesn't deserve all the energy you're wasting on him. You're more valuable than that.

    Life shouldn't be a contest about who does better after a break-up or who's over the other person first. So blocking him is a good idea. It'll help you move on.

    And it's not about winning or losing, either. I think it's more about learning. And "losing" is always a great chance to learn. It'll make you stronger if you can let him go and learn from your mistakes.

    • Thank you so much and I really, really appreciate the part that you made the point that life shouldn't be a contest of who does better after a break up. I'll try to take it in stride rather than stay hurt. thank you so much

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  • your question is so confusing.

    • How do I get over him? and my insecurities? How do I stop stalking him?

    • There is no one answer for this, you must first ask yourself why you stalk him, what do you hope to gain from it? Analyze yourself, find out what it is your heart desires, and go capture it.

      Or distract yourself, find a new guy hobbies etc.

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  • Block him on Facebook and find the will power to delete any and all contact information you have from him and do not ask any mutual friends you may have about him and for his info. Also get rid of anything that reminds you of him. They have sentimental value so you don't necessarily have to throw it away/destroy it but put it somewhere where it will be hidden away.

    • It's hard because at the same time I want him to see me succeed. I always felt like I needed to prove myself to all of these guys that cheat on me and that if I block them I would feel unaccomplished. I feel like I make it more difficult for me that way but I guess you're right

    • I understand you wanting them to see you successful and happy without them. But think about it this way, they probably aren't bothered by the break up the way you are. It's easy for guys to just pick up and move on to someone else and basically forget about you. It's in your best interest to have him blocked.

  • Beautiful news! :D

  • Just find new hobbies and make new friends. Focus on school. Delete and block him on Facebook. Join a few free dating sites and start meeting new people.


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