Started living with my boyfriend, and I'm not happy?

My boyfriend got a flat so we started living together, now it's one month..

I was very happy to live with him of course, but now I'm getting only more and more flustrated.

He leaves his dirty socks on the floor ( I find it gross )- I feel ashamed to tell him.

He listens to heavy metal music , I hate it but I have to listen it too as I live with him.. he said I'm closed minded to music.

When he comes back home from work he expect me to be home this time , ( so whenever I'm I have to come back at this time) also I have to prepare him dinners ( but he is very picky and then doesn't eat most things anyway)

I can't go out with friends like before and come late night becaus ehe gets mad.

I'm 20 and I feel like a housewife already!

Any advices? :(


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  • My advice: Don't rush into practically playing a wive's role when you are 20 and you should be enjoying what's left of your youth.

    I see so many girls do this and it's honestly what created the term 'Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?' Girls move in with their boyfriend, play wife by cleaning up after them and cooking for them, and give them tons of sex then the relationship tends to get stale. I think it's best to not move in with a guy until you have been with him for over a year. If things don't work out, you may feel compelled to stay with him because he's helping you survive. Sorry girl, I don't mean to be rude, but I sincerely think it's stupid for you to be so young and living with your boyfriend. Move out and enjoy your youth!

  • Ok so I started reading this and the first two paragraphs I was was thinking this could easily be solved with communication. You don't like his socks on the floor ask him to pick it up or do it yourself. You don't like his music, ask him to wear headphones.

    Then I got to your third paragraph...holy hell! You "have to" be home at a certain time and "can't go out with friends" because he gets mad?! That is a major red flag. The first thing abusers do is cut off your access to any support you may have outside of the relationship. I would recommend either getting out of this relationship asap or proceeding with extreme caution.


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