How do I get over someone breaking up like this?

Two days ago my long distance boyfriend just blocked me,so that means I can't text him,which was our main channel of communication...Lately the communication was dwindling and I did much of the initiating.Have I been dumped or what?


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  • How long has it been dwindling?

    • Almost a month.

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    • Are his classes any harder this semester? There are two possible routes I will suggest: He is either stressed out about what it is come or frustrated with what is and wishes it were different. Sudden behavior usually indicates some form of stressor. I guess I'm not answering the question of whether he "broke up" with you but whether he will return; usually people have fits and they wear off within a week or two but I guess currently with no contact you're effectively single?

    • Well we are both out of school for a year.I don't know what he could be mad at,am thinking maybe the best thing is just to close this case and move on if he won't contact me.This will be good for my own safety from hurting more incase this is his way of breaking up.

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