Girlfriend held onto gifts from ex's?

My girlfriend has had a few ex boyfriends. Some of her relationships ended well while others did not. A few weeks ago I walked into her bedroom to get my phone which she left on her nightstand. I never noticed the nightstand until that day. I made a joke about all of the stuffed animals she has and asked how she got so many. She didn't answer so I asked if they were from family, she replied with "ummm...some of them." She didn't really tell me who the others were from but I found out later from her sister that they were given to her by former boyfriends and close guy friends. This didn't bother me until today when I told my friend about it and he mentioned that his ex did the same thing, she always told him that she kept them for the good memories and nothing more. He later found out that she left him for one of her ex's who she still had feelings for and kept his gifts.

I know my girlfriend also received an aquamarine pendant (her birthstone) which she pawned after her ex cheated on her.

Would this bother you?


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  • she should keep that kind of info to herself..


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  • I don't think you can assume that keeping gifts is a sign of continued interest.

    Unless my ex had really, really hurt me to the point where anything that reminded me of her would give me negative emotions, I would keep such gifts. It's a waste to throw them away.


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