Break up because of his parents

Hi all,

After 3 years of relationship things are over thanks to the pressure his parents put every day on him. He broke up with me 3 months ago cause I didn't go to a family cruise he was planning. I unfortunately didn't have the money. Apparently his mom didn't like that. Since she has never liked me, she went and kept poison his son and at the end he just decided to break up with me. A month ago after he was regretting what happened , he asked me to go back with him and try again. Since then his mom has been giving him a hard time cause she couldn't believe he was back with me. Yesterday he had a huge fight with her and try to explain her but she didn't listen and kept insulting him. Today he was very stressed and he was just saying he loves me a lot and wants to see me happy and he doesn't want me to keep passing through that situation. So after I saw he was so upset and frustrated, I decided to let him go so that he didn't have to pass through more issues. I'm so sad I had to do that. I was always good to his parents but I wasn't good enough for them. He hasn't contacted me at all. I just don't know what to do. I love him so much and we wanted to have a future together. Unfortunately he just can't :(

Please I would like to hear some advices in this hard moment. I just feel really down

Thank you
Hi guys I just want to let you know that I got to talk to him but he told me he couldn't handle the pressure from his parents and that he can't keep going. I tried talking to him and telling him I was there for him and how much I love him but he just said he couldn't keep going and that it was very hard for him.

I'm so sad . I don't know what to do :(


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  • Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. After all that time I can't imagine what it must feel like to endure all the harsh words and poison his mom has been oozing. You know, I honestly think you did a good thing by letting him go. You're respecting yourself.

    Parents always wish the best for their children, but those expectations can often get way out of hand. Like no matter what happens, no girl will be enough for mommy's little boy, you know what I mean? So please don't think you were "not good enough" or something like that. In his mom's eyes, a millionaire supermodel with a doctor's degree working at NASA would have probably been not enough.

    The real problem here is that HE failed to step up for you. HE must let his own mother know he's a grown man and he's already chosen the perfect girl for him. Who knows what his mom might say, but she has to understand he's able to make his own decisions. And even if she complains, he shouldn't let that get in the way for you two. He was very immature to let his mom's words get in the way, and if he doesn't grow up this may keep happening forever. If today things have been so painful, just imagine your wedding day, family reunions, trips, her birthdays!

    So once again, you go girl. I'd take these days lightly, letting sh*t get out of your system and hanging out with your friends or enjoying by yourself while everything cools down. There's a chance he might finally understand how much damage you've taken for him. He might man up and come back for you, but don't count on it just yet. If he doesn't do anything, you'll know he wasn't worthy after all. When in doubt, just remember what made you come to this, and think about all the bullets you'll be dodging!

    Oh, one last thing. If he does come back, don't be too easy on him. Have a good talk so you know exactly what he's thinking and how he's gonna handle Momzilla. It'd really suck to go through all that again, so please make sure you're both ready if the time comes.

    Best of luck! (:

    • ^^^^This chick knows what's she is saying. Here's the crux of the matter here..."HE must let his own mother know he's a grown man and he's already chosen the perfect girl for him. Who knows what his mom might say, but she has to understand he's able to make his own decisions."

    • you are absolutely right. He contacted me out of nowhere and I don't get why does he get so pissed at the fact that I'm leaving him alone . I'm not bothering and I tried before to tell him not to break up and everything but he said he just couldnt. Now that I'm leaving him alone he gets so pissed like if the one that broke up with him was me. I don't get it

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  • Given your situation it might really be best to stay away from each other for a while. Contrary to popular belief, love between two people does NOT only concern them. You say you want a future together? Just what kind of future would that be if his parents hate you so much? You will have to decide if you want a future that could quite possibly be filled with conflict the rest of your life, or to part your (painfully) separate ways to heal and start over.

  • You've done all you can do. He needs to learn how to enforce boundaries between him and his folks/mom. Sadly, most people are never able to do so. You leaving him might finally make him stand up to his mom, but don't count on it. Idk, I love my mom but can't imagine letting her treat my S.O. like sh*t. I'd be so pissed!


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  • Dont mind what Other People Say! This is YOUR LOVE ... there's only 2 people involved ...YOU and HIM... and that is all that matters ! No one will Understand Your LOVE but BOTH OF You ! If you guys are still both in love ...Hang on to Him ...Fight For Your Love!

  • You can't do anything anymore. Sounds like he really can't take it. And if he can't fight for you, then there's nothing you can do but move on and let him be.


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