They say he is with you now don't worry about the ex?

Just a general question when a guy or girl is in a relationship and they loved that person then the person they love broke up with them and they tried to get them back but can't so they have to move on but there heartbroken from there first love then they found someone else then people say don't worry about there past there with you now well hello there only with yyou Because they can't have the first one Because they tried so hard to get them back but they had to move on am I right? Has anyone been with someone Because they had to move on but really wish they could get that one person back but cant


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  • please. use. a. period.somewhere.

    unless you marry your first you are always going to be dating a person because another relationship failed. that doesn't mean that you should worry abotu every partner's ex. and no you are not right that the "only" reason a person is with a person is because they couldnt' have someone else. reasons for breaking up vary greatly. I've dumped girls for cheating, I'm broken up with girls because it simply wasn't working out. you just can't be hung up on a person's past relationship. sure knowing a bit about it may be good but concerning yourself with it too much is just a recipe for disaster


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  • No. As time goes on, especially if you learn from past relationship mistakes, you end up seeing what a fool you were for falling for your "first love"

  • I think it's a good quality,that someone tries to make a relationship work rather than see it end.No doubt he did love his ex,and there would be some disappointment.She is no longer the person he wished she might have been,or the person he believed in.

    It doesn't mean he won't love you just as much or more.Show him he can believe in you,and watch the results.

    I've been there enough times.It's one thing to be disappointed when things don't work out.It doesn't mean the next love won't be as good or better.


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