How do you tell a guy to just shut up and kiss you?

Ok, so my boyfriend is super shy and needs VERY obvious hints, so we were talking about our first kiss(which hasn't happened yet) and I jokingly said something about what if I said to him "shut up and kiss me" and he said it would be "harsh but sexy" basically I kinda wanna do that, but I don't know exactly how I it seems like it'll only work if he's talking a lot? Which he does do, but still. lol

So how should I go about saying that/doing that?

Will it probably still be sexy if I'm laughing when I say it?

Is there a certain tone I should go for?

And do I wait for him to start moving in to me or start to move into him after I say it?
Just noticed my title is messed should say: "HOW"...obviously. lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nah I'd playfully said it,don't say it in a serious tone he might feel like a dog and that commanding him to do it.

    • Yeah, we joke around a lot so I think that might work better. I'd still like to sound sexy though. lol

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What Guys Said 4

  • Just ask him to close his eyes for 30 seconds and be silent.

    Then kiss him and see if he kisses back.

  • Just shove your tounge in his mouth. That should make it challanging for him to talk.

  • Just do it. Take a tone that you would give a dog when telling him to 'sit'.

  • bite your lip, and look at his...if he doesn't get this sign, you need a new guy

    • Haha I bite my lip a lot out of habit when I'm nervous or turned on anyways. And he's an AMAZING guy, he was(and is) my best friend. He just doesn't wanna make the wrong move at the wrong time. lol

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    • we're both being stubborn

      and what the hell does religion have to do with it...yall are boyfriend gf

    • That we can agree on. lol

      Just that that's the only people I know who do that...Ok then. lol

What Girls Said 3

  • lean in.. put your finger on his lips.. then, as you transition your hands from his face, to his shirt (or back of his neck if he's shirtless) just say it...

    Shut up and kiss me...

  • just say it like you're giving a command. be gentle but firm. don't spit ;p

  • Don't say shut up, haha!

    Just kiss him, make the move yourself.

    Just grab him :-)


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