Boyfriend and I broke up, got back together and are moving in

My boyfriend and I have known each other for about 5 years now we dated for a year and then he just up and left me for 5 months he said he didn't love me anymore and didn't say a word to me...about 3 months ago he called me crying saying he was sorry and needed me back (he does not cry) and when he does cry its something serious...but anyways when he left me everything for him kind of went down hill, his mum and him got into it and stopped talking along with his sister and grandmother..the only family he had left was his cousin and they were close, his cousin was drunk and called me a ****, bitch and fatass, my boyfriend punched him in the face so he got kicked out...we just got a house together last week...should I keep my guard up with him this time or should I not worry about it? I'm just scared he will leave me like he did last time...i just want to know from a guys perspective, do you think he serious this time since he knows how it feels living without me or is he just with me because I accept him for who he is and do what he wants unlike the other females he has dated? I am the only one who has put up with his bossiness etc ect ect, he told me after we started seeing each other again that he left me because he was mad that my family accept him and didn't want us together and he thought I was cheating (I have NEVER cheated on him) so what do you think, keep my guard up and let it fall?


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  • Hun I went through a similar situation. Don't worry bout all the family sh*t as if its ment to b it will b. time heals all wounds people grow and change. Don't text him during the day at all so wen he goes to work he has te to miss u. start going out with your girls on the wkends too this will make you both happy. Try not to worry:) the only time he may leave you is if your always in each other faces or to reliant on him.


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