Do guys get jealous?

Heres the background story. So my ex is in a new realtonship after being broke up for two months. We were together for over two years. He just broke up with me because we had to many fights over dumb things at the end and he said his feelings had changed. I have been going out on dates and not talking to him. Is it possible to make him jealous enough to want to come back? If so how do guys get jealous?


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  • For starters, yes, guys do, in fact, get jealous.

    But here's a couple things you need to learn, right here and now.

    For starters, it might be possible to get him back, but jealousy is NOT a good idea, and NOT a good way to go about it. Chances are you're more likely to tick him off, or think "I wouldn't want her now, anymore, anyway." which doesn't help you. But thing is, yes, it is possible that jealous would make him come back, but not only is it slim-to-none chances, but there's another lesson you need to learn about it.

    Jealousy is not a good thing. Even if you did get him back through this method, it's not because he loves you. It's not because he cares about you. Jealousy isn't about love or caring. It's about control, possession, territoriality, insecurity, and all things bad. So getting him bad would be a hollow victory, because it wouldn't mean he actually cares about you. He's just territorial and possessive.

    Furthermore, I want you to think about these next bunch of questions, really hard.

    Say you did get him back with jealousy. What then? The next time things go bad, what are you going to do? Pull some stupid jealousy stunt again? Should you really have to screw with his head to keep him? Is that the kind of relationship you want?

    Worse yet, the guy you're messing with to make him jealous is being completely used, and toyed with. Do you care about that guy's feelings at all? Did you even consider that?

    What about your ex boyfriend? You said he's in a new relationship. Are you really so selfish that you want to destroy the relationship he has just to get him back?

    Look, you said it yourself, your relationship went to hell because you kept fighting and his feelings changed. Your relationship is over. He's moved on. Maybe you should too. You're already dating around; so how about you actually date good guys you actually like? Y'know, instead of just guys, you're flatout using to fill a void, and make your ex jealous. If you can't find someone you genuinely like, maybe you should work on being happy by yourself, before you rebound any further.

    But whenever you DO find someone, use your past relationship as a learning experience. All those stupid things that killed your last relationship? Learn from them. Don't make the same mistakes you did the last time.

    I want you to think hard on everything I just said. I'm serious, this is stuff you NEED to learn, and quick. Nothing good will come from what you've asked about. Don't even try. Just move on, and leave your ex alone. Seriously.

    • I think your right about geting him mad. I love him more than anything in the world the last thing I would ever want is to hurt him. I just personally don't get why he won't give me another chance? Like we were not that bad. I would do anything for him and would make him happy.Plus I think this girl is just a rebound but I could be wrong. She's just not the kinda girl he ever wanted to be with and he didn't even want me to find out about her. I actually want him to realize that we could make it work

    • Well if it's really a rebound, then it will be over. But don't screw with it right now.

      Honestly though, I don't think you should screw with this at all. You don't have to get why he's not giving you another chance. He probably doesn't want to because of all the fighting you mentioned before. Even if that's gone, as you said, he told you that he doesn't feel the same way about you. In other words, it's gone, and it's probably not coming back. I think that's a pretty definitive answer.

    • Did any of that get through?

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  • people get jealous

    however you don't want a guy back because he's jealous, you want a guy back because he wants you. if he's moved on and is over the relationship there is probably little you can do to make him jealous

  • Guys do, but If you're going to try to make him come back like this, I can guarantee it will go wrong for both of you.

    If you want him back, try to sort out your problems.

  • Everyone as a whole gets jealous. Normal human acting

  • Wow, talk about selfish. He broke up with you for being a bitch, now that he's gone you want him because he doesn't want you, and you're willing to break up a relationship he seems happy in, just to get him back? What a selfish cunt. You don't deserve him.

  • Most of the time they won't get jealous and you'll just get stuck in an obnoxious relationship with someone else. It's best that you just drop it before you do that.

  • he's your had arguments that were not necessary...and his feelings have changed.

    be a mature 18-24 year old woman and just move on

    don't be a bitch

  • So you think showing off your manipulative annoying side will attract him back? O_o?


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  • It's possible, but probable? No

  • Just get over it, and stop being pathetic. You're a woman, you should be better than this.


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