Just met, he persued me, we had sex , he went on vacay, but he hasn't texted, I leave for Spain, WHAT DO I DO

Ok, So I a guy asked me out at a store. I gave him my number and he texted me right after. We talked. I played a little hard to get. he called me. I missed his first one. I texted back occassionally. The first time we met up I ended up making out in the park with him at night. Then 2 nights later we had sex after our techinical first date, then the next night it happened again ... Well 2 nigths after that we went to a concert together, he's always very touchy and nice to me. Anyways, he was cool to my friends and we went home to his place and had sex again. Now the thing is that I slept over the 3rd time that Saturday night but he left for a vacation on Monday. He said he would be gone a week. Now I'm assuming he would have come back either on Sunday or Monday. Its Tuesday now and I Haven't heard from him AT ALL. When I left I texted him have a safe trip and asked him once the Saturday before he got back ":) Hows vacay?" to which he never responded. Now I wouldn't have done that if I weren't leaving for Jersey on Friday and Spain 7 days after that...Should I text him asking if he's back yet? Was I just a fling? He forced me to take pics with him at the park, and never seemed embarrassed by me and always initiated contact before. WHAT DO I DO? WHAT HAVE I DONE? WAS THE PICTURE HE TOOK OF US JUST TO PUT ON A LIST? DID HE NOT WANT TO FORGET MY FACE? I hae no pictures of him and honestly I'm forgetting and can't find his Facebook or anything. His name is really common. The major problem is also that he lives 4 BLOCKS down the street from me in NYC, so I just don;t know what to do. I can't sleep, I'm overeating and I just need guy advice pronto.


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  • Sounds like you were a a tally on his table. Don't overthink it. Many great guys out there in NYC (like me). Maybe we'll run into each other. Don't sweat it MISS!


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  • You two just had sex, get over it. You want a relationship so in future don't go having sex that soon with a guy, get to know the dude, state your intentions after he has stated his, observe and proceed with caution.

    This guy doesn't care about you,you were just a body to have sex with.

    Stop stressing over the situation, learn from your mistakes and move on.

    Ohh and set some standards and stand for what you believe in,don't let anyone tear them down all the best

    • Hm. well he asked me to be his girlfriend. He said he doesn want to have sex with anyone else and that he loves me. Must have that good good... or I'm just very lucky...

    • lol your comment was g=funny good to know though

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  • Maybe he dosnt actually care about you and was just using you for sex

  • The answer is simple: I'm in the NYC area, so have a lot of sex with me. I won't ignore you afterwards. ;-) lol


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