How often do guys come back after a break up or whatever? Guys help.

I really liked this guy I know he liked me. We talked for a good month and a half and hung out once. We had a falling out and I thought he had a girlfriend. I know I hurt him but I apologized sincerely. I tried to add him back he didn't accept and a couple of days later his best friend messages me asking "so jw but after all the drama why'd you add him back?" I told him the truth I was a jerk to him and I missed him I'm pretty sure his friend told him. I miss him but haven't tried to contact him again I want to give him space and I guess working on myself too...Newhart are the chance of him even talking to me again?


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  • Sounds like a little bitch, he will come crawling back

    • I'm sorry that made me laugh so hard but thank you

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