Me and This girl start talking dating?

Ok so me and this girl I met we have been talking for about 2 weeks now we've kissed and had sex already because she said she felt comfortable with me at first. She had came out a 3 year relationship recently its been 2 months and now I met her and everything the other day on Sunday I left her house cause I had to go work mind you the guy that she was with for 3 years cheated on her and he was basically living at her house her family loved him and everything. So its been 2 months since her break up and she really really likes me and wants to be with me but right now we texted last night she said give her time cause of her ex she still feels scared and hurt I really really like this girl I can see us dating for a long time me and her she's 20 and I'm 22. Her family loves me already I told her from the start I would never hurt a woman or cheat or lie to them I know what I want and that's her and I know how the world works already I live alone pay my bills I'm just looking to find a girl you know? I'm a lonely kid no sisters or brother and I want a girlfriend that's always there you know. But anyways I really like this girl she likes me and adores me she said she was falling hard for me so she said give her time please its only been 2 months since her relationship. My heart tells me to wait what do you guys think be honest please? Help :(
Wellshe doesn't like her ex no more I know that for a fact she deleted him from everything and her parents hate him. Yes she still likes me a lot and everything and really wants to be with me but she just recently came out her 3 year relationship cause of the dude that cheated on her and everything her parents adored him and treated him like their son. I really like her not cause of her looks but her personality she just said give her time and when she's ready me and her will get back to it.?
also she loves my family and her family loves me, I did kinda rush it tho to be honest at the start I wanted to see her like crazy everyday and go to her house so maybe it was too soon to push it? since she recently just came out her 3 year with her cheating ex?
Whats a sign that I should know if she will still want to be with me at the end and that she won't stop liking me?


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  • if you like her as much as you say you do then you should be patient. simple as that. in the grand scheme of life if you need to take things slowly for a few months or even a few years wouldn't that be worth it for a lifetime with someone?

    but something I would be concerned for and like someone said is that coming off a 3year relationship like she had I'd wonder if she was really ready for another serious relationship so soon. I'd probably try to keep my emotions and feelings for her checked a bit as a protective matter because, and I know from experience, being in a long term relationship ends in heartbreak I really wasn't ready to date three months after it

    • it's not about whether or not she likes her ex. it's about emotionally being ready to throw yourself into another relationship. breakups especially tough ones require lots of me. I was with a girl two years, she cheated on me and it took me at least a year to feel like I couldn't truly give my heart to someone else... so just be careful of that. not saying you're the rebound but she may not just emotionally ready for a serious relationship

    • i don't thnk there is a really good sign

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  • I hate to say it, but as a woman, I can say, she's playing you. To tell the truth, if she was REALLY over her exboyfriend and ready to move on, then she'd be with you. She wouldn't be hesitating and asking you for "time". If she was really falling hard for you, then she'd be with you. Point blank. She is trying to hold onto you, and still trying to see if she and her exboyfriend may possibly get back together. I hate to say it, but she's only telling you what you want to hear.

    To put it bluntly, her exboyfriend is still her "Plan A", and you are her "Plan B".

  • It sounds like everything is fine so I'm not really sure what you're worried about? It's understandable that she's wary after being in such a serious relationship not that long ago, so just let her know that you understand and are there for her and there's no pressure.


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  • Just take her out on a date. If she won't even go on a (casual) date with you - tell her you'll give her space that she wants - but you're not going to wait for her.

    • we been on plenty of dates already we've done everything I've been to her house she beens to mine we been dating for 2 weeks but she just needs time and she really likes me and wants to be with me alot. remember she just came out a 3 year relationship with her cheating ex so I should def give her time and I'm willing to wait what do you think?

    • well then tell her "Listen, I'm happy with where things are right now. I'm fine with continuing to date casually until you are ready for more.". If she pulls back to that suggestion, I'd be concerned she's just not that into you. If the man of her dreams came up to her - a guy - let's say Brad Pitt for lack of a better example - and said "I love you and want to take you away from all this, let's go live in my mansion" - she'd likely go and not worry about "space"

  • If you like her, just tell her that you understand if she needs time and that you'll be waiting for her when she's ready...

    • i did but I'm just scared that when I wait you know how it always ends "lets just be friends" but she says she really likes me a lot and falling hard for me and she felt extremely comfortable with me

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    • umm sounds good ! Yeah I didn't even want sex at first but she said "Dont want you to think I'm a hoe or anything when we did it , I feel really comfortable with you and happy" But yeah she really does like me and ditto . Heck I've been to her house already and everything but yeah I just don't want her to lose interest in me while the time I wait for her you know. Her dad even loves me and he's one of those strict dads the first day I was at her house he told me the house was open anytime for me !

    • also me and her have a lot of common we are basically the same we love movies we don't party or go out we have the same things we like to do. we are both cubans

  • This is a very screwed up story. This is a classic re bound relationship. She was going to have sex with the very first guy she came across. She's a LIAR, and sadly,you have fallen for her hook line and sinker. You're in love/lust. So...anything that we say that goes against you having a relationship with this girl, you're going to ignore. You're going to believe everything this wolf in sheeps clothing says. Why? Because, she looks good,...according to you, she likes you, and she gave you some tail. This relationship will never sail.

    My favorite line is where she told you she "was falling hard for you", but now needs time. Ha ha ha. Incase I haven't been clear. SHE'S NOT INTO YOU DUDE. She's hooked you man. Sure, she might give you some tail a few more times...until she finds someone else. As far as a long term thing...Uhh..NO.


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