Have you ever expected your ex to chase after you,but surprisingly they didn't?

How did you feel?.My boyfriend blocked me suddenly outa the blue and I know he is probably thinking am pining and crying over him but hey when someone has hurt you too much there is a time you just know that the pain of being with them is more than that of letting go.I was more into him than he was into me so I admit I was kinda needy,i still sense that maybe that's why he dumped me by just blocking me.Am learning to value myself and am not thinking about contacting him for any closure,am actually surprised.


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  • No, I don't have much of an ego or self confidence... So the idea that they'd chase after me in the first place is odd. Also I'm a logically minded person, I'm the kind of person who would say... if someone just broke up with me or I just broke up with them... It's clear either them or myself do not want to be in the relationship so why bother chasing?

    I've actually never personally ended a relationship, I've had mutual breakups or been broken up with... But I had a girl get angry because I didn't seem that upset that she broke up with me and that I wasn't chasing her. I said, that I want her to be happy and if she ended the relationship she clearly doesn't want one to continue so why chase/argue. And why be upset, it accomplishes nothing, it just wastes time between relationships. Am I supposed to pine over it for months before I can slowly start to date again? Why not just accept it as soon as possible, cut your losses and be grown up about it and accept that it just wasn't meant to be, and that if it was/is, that it'll find it's own way.

    • Agreed but some people just won't believe in a break up with no drama

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  • If you want to feel like he cares, that is normal. But also recognize that if someone is stupid enough to let you go, you need to be smart enough to let them go. Know your worth, what you will accept or not accept. Letting go and moving on to find the person that does deserve you means you no longer care what someone who obviously isn't your future thinks. Keep your head held high!

    • Taking the high road also feels real good-:)

  • At least that you're aware of your feelings and that you were needy. You'll be fine with time. Good luck


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