Am I missing something?

I've been dating this guy for 6 months and every thing seems to be going well. He's met my parents, we have plans for me to meet his. we've gone on day trips he has a key were supposed to move in together in January...its been incredible. He told me he loves me and I said it back but it's not an every day thing, more occasional. He motivates me makes me laugh and supports me in everything. Everyone knows us as a couple couple but we don't have the title. My friends kinda made a big deal and pressured him in the beginning to be my boyfriend and while that hasn't pushed him away, it prolonged the boyfriend girlfriend definition. I was married before so I think he isconcerned I'm in a rush to get married again which I've communicated isn't the case. He knows that I get upset that we aren't official by definition and assures me all the time that he's not going anywhere he chooses me the title doesn't matter and that since it is important to me he is planning on fixing it soon. I've been anticipating the formal conversation for about a month or two now and it seems like he keeps prolonging it. I know without a doubt he's not with anyone else and he likes to make it seem like he's keeping options open but he's crazy about me. I guess my question is what is taking so long ? I've gotten feedback that it could be a good thing he wants to do things right this time and who cares it's only a title so on and so on but I've begun becoming extremely insecure about the issue. I get mad that this guy is withholding from me when I know he's had girlfriends before. He avoids serious conversations now because it usually leads to me asking why he won't commit to me. Anything would be great...I've weighed everything from he's embarrassed of me all the way to he's scared of maybe not being able to fulfill the role because I'm that amazing. Either way, I'm going insane and if I can't get some clarification I might end up pushing him too far. I've tried to drop it but it weighs on my heart all the time. help!
Just a note: my roommate who thinks he's amazing and says I should shut up and let it ride. ...says I should mention the fact that he has made the comment...wouldn't it be great to marry your best friend as opposed to a girlfriend I guess lol. But I still need closure. I can't go on assuming forever


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  • This is your insecurity - it's YOUR problem. He shouldn't be the one who has to fix it

    And if he starts out by catering to your every insecurity, then he's going to spend the rest of his life trying to fix your insecurities. And that's not a good thing for a man.

    You need to work on you.


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  • Well he just doesn't want to get married now or make any huge commitments for sure. Leave the thing for a while(for anytime period like 3-4 months) and let him come to you with something. U've asked him a lot more times and it didn't do any good to you. So just wait for a while then you can get more serious and push him for the commitment. He's nice to you so you can wait.

  • If you really want to get an answer, let him know since you aren't committed to each other that you will be going on a date with another guy on Saturday. You will have your answer in 3 mins

    He will a) tell you that is crazy and of course he loves you let's be boyfriend girlfriend

    B) act indifferent - but care and be hurt

    C) act indifferent and not care - this is the worst one because it means he really didn't care in the first place.

    My guess is he calls your bluff and says go ahead. Then go out. It may be over,but I know if I was really into someone I would commit. I wouldn't f*** around with this bullsh*t. And I actually did that to a girl and never wound up going out with her steady.

    He is stringing you along in my opinion.

  • yes


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  • Just relax. He is committed to you and you know that he's not with anyone. Isn't that what a boyfriend is? Enjoy it and stop over analyzing the situation other wise you are gonna push him away. He's hasn't asked because you keep putting pressure on him. Guys hate pressure.


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