Do feelings for someone ever go away without having to be with someone else first?

So I can't explain why but I was madly in love with my ex girlfriend for years. Even after we broke up and she moved on to other relationships, I was still hung up on her. I'm not one to fall in love easily so this girl was really special. There hasn't been anyone since her... but ever since I rid her from my life (she was confused and being selfish with her feelings) it has been going OK.

Today I was at a friend's party and I saw her there; she came up and talked to me, flirting and stuff even though she has a boyfriend. And everything just came flooding back. I'm not the type to replace a girl with another but I also don't want to always have something for this girl.


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  • I often wondered this. I've not been in a relationship with a guy since my ex and that was over 2 years ago. For a long time, I didn't want to meet any new guys. And even when I thought a random guy was good looking I wouldn't pursue him and it would just be my ex that I thought about. But I would say 8 months down the line, I was getting over him, met new people and since then I haven't even thought about him.

    When people say the phrase: there are plenty more fish in the sea- it's for a reason! And you will realize that in your own time. Good luck


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  • Of course, but if you don't see what was wrong with her and accept the reasons why she was bad for you, then you're not going to let go of her until some other girl fill that emotional void. So either you need to realize what she was doing wrong, so that you can put yourself back together, or you've got to get lucky enough to find a girl to fill that absence without pushing her away with you're current emotional mess.l

  • Yeah, the do go away. No, I didn't read the rest.


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