ATTENTION!!! We call each other brother and sister but I think he likes me and I like him, does he like me?

We have known each other a little over four years and starting off we were really close he was ALWAYS over my house and after about 3 years I started to form feelings for him amd I told him about how I felt about him but I told him I would not date him because I did not want to kill our friendship after telling him thathe did not aspeak to me for two months after we became close again our relationship was stronger than ever, he was over my house everyday but things became a little different

Clue one Inseparable Every time he would invite his little girl groupies over my house he would always be all over me and have them all by themselves and when we wenr to my best friend house who he happen to be talking to more than a friend he would never want to be in a room.alone with her and when I tried to send them on a food run by themselves he insisted that I come. Clue 2 Proximity Every time we are in a room together no matter how far we are from each other we end up close to each other almost on top of one another. For example we could be on opposite ends of the couch and I would lay down and he would lay down on his elbow then all of a sudden we would end up sharing a pillow with our heads touching. Another example would be me laying down on the couch and he.was on the floor and he all of a sudden sits in front of me and he leans his head back and rest it.on my ass and he does it about five time each time he keeps his head there longer, and another time I would lay.on the couch he would jump over the couch and fall on me aligning his.body with mine and he stayed there for about 10 minutes and draws my feet closer to his upper body amd clasp his legs so my feet won't move we also went to the.movies the other day and the first movie with his family he was.a little distant than usual but the second ourselves he had laid down on the seats and had his feer all over my lap he has even laid his head on my lap and fell asleep before Clue 3 he is so sweet He does just about anything for me one time we were riding the bus home and I was really sick and he held my.purse and at the same moment my partner had just broken up with me he back and when we got home he took off my shoes and did everything for me. Just the other day he open the car door for me which he.has never.done and he kept.grabbing my waist the whole time in the mall then.he grabbed my hand.and through the door like a princess. He calls me for anything. And will cook or clean or do just about anything to and he alwYs wants to him. But he is always asking me advice about other girls and whenever I point out that he is not matching or is just off a little bit he says who am I trying to impress who am I look good.for.and even though.he says that I don't look good some.days but I kno I still like him. So am I just over thinking it or.doees he actually


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  • As a girl who had a similar situation happen, I have said "oh we are just brother and sister" but in fact we were attracted to each other.

    It is almost as if it becomes easier to be together and almost easier to fall for that person, because you spend so much time together.

    He seems to like you but wants to be sure before he says anything...


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  • First, I developed a headache reading this. It's okay, you're forgiven.

    Secondly, yes, probably.


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