New guy that's so nice or old boyfriend that's passionate but rude?

So I have a dilemma and I think I already know what the answer will be. I was in a relationship with this guy and I fell for him hard and we were very passionate about each other, yet he was a lot of the times very rude to me and other people because he hated being critiqued and would always talk about the hotness of other girls causing me to be upset so it didn't work out. We still talk and its six months later and he's still interested but doesn't want any relationship at all with anyone because he doesn't want to get more emotionally attatched. Then, my friend who I have been friends with for three years started to like me and he's very sweet, never rude. We always find something to talk about and we haven't been on a real date yet. but text every day. I don't feel the passion with him as I did my ex but does it take time to develop? With my ex, we didn't really go on spectacular dates, just hang out at his house, go ice skating, go to starbucks. I feel like this new guy will be more romantic if I give him a chance and more understanding but wheres the passion? Someone help? Does it take time to develop? (P.S-ex is first boyfriend)


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  • Not every relationship starts out super passionate right off the bat. It's understandable that your first relationship started off like that. Most do. Give the new guy a chance. You said you were friends first, so it will probably feel like just being with your friend for a bit rather than a lover or something. Give it some time. You never know if you don't try.


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  • Neither. Both are bad options.

    Option A is an ex because he's an ass.

    Option B is a great person but you don't find yourself all that interested in what he does. Ice skating could be an excellent date to some women. So that means that there's an inherent incompatibility just waiting to bubble over.

    Option C: Just forget about it for a while.


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  • Your first boyfriend will always be the relationship that you keep in mind even if it was bad. There will always be a time when you recall to your first boyfriend, I guaranteed it. Not having as much passion with the new guy as your ex does not mean that you can't develop it. Feelings can grow if you give it a chance. Since your ex doesn't want anything with relationship right now, it doesn't hurt to give the other guy a chance. You might turn out to experience something you've never experienced with your ex. I say give the other guy a chance, but be careful if you want to break up. You don't want to lose a friend along the way.


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