Am I just wasting my time?

I'm with a guy I've been with for almost 3 years now. He moved to the town I moved to to go to college to be with me. It was a struggle, and I ended up finding his house and job here. He ended up hating both (hard to please/always wanting better type), and I got the blame. Now he wants to move and is jobless (has been for about a month, but works for family on and off to get by), and he isn't searching at all! It makes me feel like he;s waiting on me to do it, but I have my own things to do. Other than having my own worries, I just don't want to be held for blame. I've tried talking to him about it, and he just brings up not having to live so close since I don't care (which he sees is obvious because I won't "help" him search). When I "help" him search it's me on my laptop looking for places while he's playing a video game and giving me some of his attention when I demand it. I want him here, but I don't want him to expect me to find him a new place OR JOB! I care, but it's not my job...


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  • Yes, he seems to not knowing what he wants. Confront him or start something fresh. Hope I could help.


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