How to flirt and show a girl you're interested in her

Last spring semester in one of my classes I sat next to this girl, we didn’t really talk much until the end of the year because I’m shy around new people. She’s 19 and I’m 21. We found out that we were both in the same major and we exchanged numbers and enrolled in classes together. In the fall we are taking two classes together. We’ve kept in touch all summer long and have become friends and have a lot of similar interests. This summer we’ve been busy working so it’s been real hard to get together, I work from 5am-7pm and she works 11am-12pm. Towards the end of May I asked her to go to a concert in July (it ended up being her favorite musician) but a week before the concert she called me and said that something came up in her family and is unable to go, but she said that she wanted to hang out soon. A week later we went bowling and explored downtown. We had a fun time and ever since then I’ve had a huge crush on her, she is on my mind all the time. We’re going to hang out next week because we are both off work because classes start back Thursday.

I have this huge crush on her but I don’t think she likes me like I like her. I mean she is beautiful, pretty much flawless. I on the other hand am not, I’m overweight (5’11, 215 pounds) but I’m working on getting back in shape. But besides being overweight I am a very nice guy. I’m nice, loyal, fun to be around, caring, sweet, respectful, trusting, compassionate, etc. I’m not like most people my age because I don’t drink, party, do drugs, etc.

I don’t have much experience in dating so I don’t really know how to flirt. What can I do to show that I am interested in her? Maybe overtime since we’re in two classes together she will find out how nice of a guy I am and fall for me. She always tells me how sweet and nice I am.


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  • Okay, I'll be frank, you sound horrible. Not because of your statistics, physical or mental, but because you are the most boring person on the PLANET! You need to offer entertainment, lighten up, be happy, enjoy life; you want to win someone over with intrinsic nonsense that EVERYONE has, but generic traits don't WIN hearts!

    K, fine, you think it's bullsh*t, that's cool, but here's a reality: People can't SEE loyalty. They can't see it. They can see card tricks. They can't see how nice you are, and there is no secret meter above your head and no dossier or character sheet with that information on it. But people can see results of ambition, can assess behaviors, and other things. You want people to like you? You show them by means of action, and not just "little flirty bullsh*t" action that you would get here as a suggestion like entering into staring contests that only you know are going on but instead try something more like ...

    Just giving her a flower. Cracking a joke. Sharing a trick. Doing something neat. Do this enough times around her and for her and she will notice and think to herself "Hm, I think ... Yes..." just like that, like Sherlock.

  • Just grab your junk and say "WOOWOO YOU!" while pelvic thrusting. This works better if you two are alone.


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