Should I just give up and move on?

So, in September of last year, I started liking this guy...and I still do. I think he maybe used to like me...but I'm not sure he does anymore. We were grouped in a project together & at the end (he was the only one to present it) he only gave me credit for what I did. He never mentioned anyone all. And he'd sometimes stop me in the hall just to say hey...or do that thing where you tap one shoulder then try to hide. He's usually do that at the end of the day & then we'd end up walking to our lockers together (they were really close to each other).

All these things made me really happy because no guy had ever done any of these things...

But after the semester change, we didn't have the same classes & kinda stopped any communication. I still like him, but I'm India thinking it's useless at this point? So...guys? Should I give up and move on?


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  • Move on. I had a similar experience (sounds almost exactly the same own to the part where I was really happy that he was showing me attention because no other guy had ever done those things) but it did not end well. If you're not sure if he likes you then don't take him seriously.


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