Please read the description. Good friends with this teacher. Not sure where to go from here.

Ok, so first of all, I'm 18 and I've graduated.

I had a class with him my junior year of high school for a semester and absolutely loved the class. Then my senior year, I always saw him after one class since I happened to walk by the room he taught in and sometimes we would end up walking together since we were usually walking the same way. We'd talk about TV shows we both liked, since he was 23, or some piece of writing of mine I had given him to read and give me his thoughts on, and over time we got to just sort of be friends.

Then when I got my yearbook and went to have him sign it, I was kind of reading over his shoulder so he picked it up and covered his face with it and moved away from me (he was sitting in one of those rolling office chairs) and I laughed it off and moved to the other side of the desk.

We kept talking while he signed the yearbook and when I told him I was moving away he got kind of surprised and, I wouldn't call it upset, but he didn't seem content about it. So, when he finished signing my yearbook he handed it back to me, and I think either kind of under his breath, or jokingly (I don't really remember as it was months ago) he said "So, am I ever gonna see you again? Cause-" and I was like "Oh, well, yeah. I mean my dad's still here so I'll be back and forth for holidays and stuff." and he was like "Oh, haha. Cause if you said I was never gonna see you again-" then I cut in, jokingly saying "You were gonna cry?" and he was like "Well, yeah. I was probably gonna have a breakdown."

I laughed it off and went on my way after that.

I also e-mailed him a few days ago, since he had also said he wanted to keep in touch, just saying how I was and that I still writing and all that. Just simple stuff.

This same teacher, and this may not be all that important, but he also wrote me a college recommendation letter; and as a sort of personal, but meaningful "thank you" I gave him some little notebooks. When I did, he sort got this "I don't know what to say, but thanks." look on his face.

So, please no creepy comments/answers. Nothing ever happened while I was in school with him, so it's nothing like that; but we were, what I would consider, friends.


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  • Do not do this to yourself. Believe it or not even if nothing did happen if you act on it without some real time passing people will just make the sh*t up and he'll lose his license and the whole shebang. I kid you not the moment a teacher and a student do the XOXO thing unless there are literally years between the two points of teaching and the relationship society looks down on it and is incredibly suspicious of it.


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