He never talks to me first?

This guy in one of my classes is confusing me a bit. We have one class together and we always sit together. There are empty tables around the room and he always gets there first and sits down. I'm the one that approaches him and sits with him. One time I walked right past him and he didn't even call my name out or anything, he just let me walk away. The same thing happened when I saw him sitting outside school. I walked past him just to see what he would do and he didn't even say hello. When I sit down and talk to him, he makes an hard effort to keep the conversation and laughs at almost everything I say. But he'll never talk to me first, unless I approach him.

On top of that, as soon as I get home I'd find that he poked me on Facebook, or liked an old picture or status. We poke back and forth at least 20 times a day, usually more.

I'm confused... help :-(


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  • He's probably shy and have a hard time approaching you in person , so he approaches you on Facebook and pokes you to show you that he's interested, to make up on ignoring you in person.


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  • A lot of people I know are incapable of spotting people out in public. As someone that always says notices everyone I recognize this is sometimes SUPER annoying. Try to sit in the class first and see if he'll sit with you. Then make a joke about it later on. If you don't normally talk outside of the class he may find it a bit weird, so you should instigate that first too.


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