Is this a good reason to go on a "break"?

So I've been thinking I need a break from my boyfriend. He's my first boyfriend, first kiss. He has brought something new into my life that I've never had before which is a relationship. We will make a year in October. So anyways I want a break because I feel like I'm becoming needy of him, I don't call him every second or everyday because I don't want to come off like that. I always her how a girl is always needy when it's her first love, I don't want to get caught up in all that. So I think I just need a break by myself with no contact. I brought up a break with my boyfriend one time but he said we don't need one... I didn't go into detail about why I wanted one though. I just want to clear my head, since he's all I think about, I feel sad sometimes when he doesn't call and I hate feeling like a desperate girl.


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  • Sounds like you're in love is all. I understand that you don't want to be dependent on somebody but that doesn't mean that you need to take a break. You can practice independence without that. Chances are if you take a break, it's just going to be negative for the relationship and you are still going to feel the same way. Your neediness and dependence doesn't have to do with the relationship, it has to do with you and your mind. You don't even talk to him everyday so that doesn't sound that needy at all.

    I think you're doing fine, just give it time. Do other things to create more of a life away from your boyfriend. Spend time with friends, make new friends, take up hobbies, etc.


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  • Sounds to me like a well thought and good reason for a break. Not to say that you should distance yourself completely but knowing yourself is important, and independence a life skill that will be very appreciated later on in life.

  • Talk to him and let him know how dependent you are of him. Maybe he'll be totally fine with how often you want to talk or see each other. Or he'll understand and you can talk about what you want to do for this break. You just sound like someone that's extremely attached/infatuated with him and that's totally fine. A break from him may be totally fine for you and will let you know exactly what you want from this relationship.

    I think a break where you two avoid contact and you hangout more with family/friends, make sure to let him know that this isn't a break so you can cheat on him or anything.

  • No.


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