Is she really not in love with me or is she still hurt and angry

So I have been with my better half for little over 4 1/2 years we only have ever had a real arugement once before that would be considered a fight I would think we have a child he just had his second birthday on 5th its the first thing I have ever missed in his life. A month ago I accused her of cheating I lost her trust and put her through a lot by checking on her and looking through her phone accusing her and just pushing her away and if I had to do it again I would have never done it but I can't and I dragged it for the most part on for a month 7 fights total in 30 days we both agreed that we would take time she would move in with her dad for two or three days now she barely talks to me maybe a text every other day about our son its been 9 days she doesn't talk not as a lover or friend but as a stranger I finally made her and she can't give me any answers I have never been away from them this long I have appologized cried offered things that I would work on nothing has worked to sway her I don't know what to do I know she has told me a million times once she gets mad she is angry and there's no getting through to her till she has cooled down she isn't ill when it comes to me seeing my son but its not fair when we are both great parents and we can't be together for him I just don't know how long I have to give her to get a answer if its over or not and I'm just stuck waiting for something I'm missing them with all of me she can't talk about it she says she hasn't had time to think if she wants to keep trying or if she wants to end it and the amount of work I have with out her here to be with him till I get off I will hardly ever see him. they are little over a hour away and I don't want to do the back and forth all the time with him that it hurts him or her I have prayed so much and asked guidence from all that can give it I just really do not understand how 4 weeks can ruin 4 1/2 years of good and I have asked her many times if she was unhappy before the fights and she wasn't except we are living with my father and mother he was struck ill with kidney failure with I know puts a strain on our relationship that is one thing that really hurts the relationship and we have talked about it and we need to move out. But now my fears are reality she told me she doesn't want to be together and she fell out of love with me. But she holds anger so well its been 14 days since she left and I can still hear it in her voice she grabbed her clothes and and were splitting the bills. I just don't want her to make this decision out of hurt and anger when we were so good together and we have a son.


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  • She doesn't want to pressure you when your father is sick, but it must be very difficult for her and her son to live with your family. Clearly going through her phone was only an excuse to split from you.

    No one would stay THIS angry THIS long just because of a phone! She has thought about this for a long time, and when she is with her son, she isalso thinking about his future.

    So it's not just anger! She's not likely to go back on her decision. I'd move out right away and see if she is willing to talk after you're no longer living with your parents..but I wouldn't be optimistic here.


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  • It sounds like she's not into your anymore and she's hurt and angry. This is one of those situations where you should just chalk it up as a learning experience or battle scar and just move on. It's best for your son also.


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