My boyfriend is always late and simply forgets things I have told him are important to me.

I'm pregnant and he missed our first prenatal appointment and didn't remember the date of our first ultrasound

He came home at 11pm from his ex girlfriends house after I asked him to be home at a reasonable hour. HE blames the ex

HE thinks it's OK to heavily drink, swear constantly and smoke in the house around me and my daughter but he agrees that is not for his daughter.

He didn't want to tell his parents that I am pregnant and he didn't tell his ex or his daughter.

what am I to think? I feel hurt and that I am not high on his priority list.


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  • Well clearly your boyfriend's a jerk. Now I'm assuming you've confronted him about his behaviors and that you've told him how you feel, but if he hasn't attempted to change for the better then you need to leave him.


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