Need Serious Advice. Please.

So me and my boyfriend have been together for a year. We've known each other for 7 years but didn't actually meet a little over a year ago. The relationship has been good but we are long distance until January when I move out there. Which makes it very difficult and lonesome at times.

Back in Feb. I caught him cheating. The girl actually found out about me and contacted me and told me what was going on. I was very thankful for that. She said all they did was flirt and kiss but she wanted me to know. Me & him got into a huge argument but we ended up working it out because I love him. And I blelieve in second chances and I figured it was because of the distance.

In July he took me to a theme park for his birthday and I had his phone. Will this girl texted him and I was reading messages back and forth and they were talking to each other inappropriately. I did confront him about it and he said that there was nothing going on and that I could even call her...I never did of course.

I just recently got back from seeing him and everything went just fine. I feel that because he cheated once I'm over reacting to little things and I feel that if I keep doing that I'll lose him but at the same time It's not healthy for me to constantly worry about it. And I might be pregnant. I'm 6 days late as we speak. I'm just so emotional right now because I care so much for this guy. It took me 7 years to finally say yes to him and I'd hate to lose him.

Sometimes he acts really shady and I can never tell if he's telling the truth or not.

I don't need anyone to yell at me on here or anything. I just want an opinion on what you would really do. Not what you think I should do, but what you would do if you wer in my situation. THank you.


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  • Well I've been in that situation before and if I could do it all over again I would end the relationship. If I really cared about the guy I would be friends, keep in touch but move on with my life. If he ever gets it together then you can pick up where you left off. The more understanding you try to be, the deeper you get, and the harder it is to walk away!


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