How do I tell if this long distance guy likes me?

we knew each other for five days and became really close really quickly. I flirted and people say he flirted too. but when people asked him he said we were just friends...We ended up making out the last night we had together and then in the morning we went back to your own states. me in north carolina him in tennessee. We didn't speak of it in the morning. we are keeping in touch only through txt. but we text constantly til 4 in the morning. we talk about a lot together. he is shy but I don't know if we are friends or something more. we are planning to go to a concert together in the near future and all of our friends we mad in that week hang for three straight weeks next year... does he see me as only fa hook up friend or as a girl he likes...?


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  • If he likes you, then he wouldn't be telling others that you guys are "just friends". In a way, it sounds like you're his hook up girl. Like, he doesn't want anything serious with you, but he just like having you around.


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