Can't we all be Katherine Pierce? (As in moving from place to place)

I want to move to Texas and start anew..

I live in Ohio now but I'm not sure if I want to move. Does anyone live there ? I just want to know. I will more than likely do this in two weeks more than likely. I have friends there so I'd have a place to stay. I want to travel while I'm young and not get stuck in school! Or in a dead end job. ...I will stay in TX for a fw years maybe and move again.

So tell me about it!


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  • I guess texas might be an OK place to move to , never been there myself but it sounds interesting and has a good economy so might be easier to find a job there

    I've moved to different places before , it can be a good experience to live somewhere else for a while and see that city and experience it


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  • Tell you about what?

    [ You didn't ask a question. ]


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  • Kathrine Pierce isn't traveling she's running for her life.

    Anyways ya sure you can, but you also have to sensible to what benefits your future. But you can go to college far away from your hometown, spend time abroad, work somewhere completley else, spend your summer volunteering abroad...

    • yeah and she's certainly not happy about it. She's one of the most miserable characters in the show lol

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