I don't know if should trust him. What Should I Do?

Me and my boyfriend have no kids. I wouldn't mind and I really don't it's just the things my boyfriend did. Like he didn't even tell me about this situation. We have been dating for a year and a half. I discovered this information while seeing a pic of this child in his phone I asked him about it he said he was doing a favor for his mother by watching him then it turned into I wonder what my BM brought me for Fathers Day? Wait what? He never talked to me about this and I feel all kinds of ways I'm happy he is taking care of this baby but it's the principle. Two months prior I had broken up with him and at the time we were in the process of working things out. We're back together and living together. When I express my issues and concerns with him he tells me it has nothing to do with me I'm in a relationship with him and not the child. I'm upset, I'm hurt something we should both feel happy about may cause a problem in our relationship. The girl has asked him to be a family. Though he declined still it bothers me. I don't know if should trust him.
Im sorry I copied/paste this but my boyfriend is taking care of someone else's child and didn't talk to me about it or even told me about it.


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  • This isn't his child?

    Then his reasons and response are understandable and probably none of your concern. I don't know why but I wouldn't question it unless you want this child to live with you and that entails a long legal proceeding, it's not like she can just move in.

    I understand you feeling hurt and upset, this is a big secret to keep. Is there any reason you would believe he's lying about this and his mom is actually got custody of his kid? I've seen this before.

    Trust isn't always easy, but legally you have no claim on the child yourself so there's nothing you can really do about it. Maybe if you trust him but explain how you feel that you're hurt he hasn't confided in you, etc and tell him that you hope that someday he'll be able to explain he might be more likely to respond. If you can't trust him over this then you're stuck, because your options are stay or leave.


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