Breathing problems at my parents house

ok so I recently moved back home to my parents house. The problem is I can't breathe in their house. I don't know what the deal is with their house but it causes me to have terrible asthma. My dad vacuums the carpet practically everyday and I can't get him to stop it. When I lived at my brothers house I hardly had asthma at all. It seemed like the only time I had breathing problems at my brothers house was when we vacummed. I noticed I would have difficulty breathing for about the next 12 hours. At one point we had 4 dogs but that was over a year ago. Now we only have two dogs in the house. I don't know what to do about this. I'm going to have to move back to my brothers cause I can't sleep when I can't breathe.


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  • Some home remedies that might help is to drink tea or something that has caffeine in it which will open up your lungs and allow you to breath more. Also, the area you live in could be causing you allergies I would recommend taking some honey with apple cider vinegar (three tablespoons of honey to one tablespoon of vinegar mixed with hot water in a cup) and drink it it should coat your throat. It will also help your immune system to the mold, fungus or bacteria that is in the house.

    Also lavender and rosemary oil when applied to the chest can kill and fight off bacteria, mold, and fungus that is in your lungs and it will help you breath better. You can also put these oils in the room and they should kill any mold, fungus, or bacteria that is in the area. You can also try Bengay by putting it on your chest which will also help to open your lungs. The lavender, rosemary and/or Bengay when applied to your chest at night will also help to relax you enough to help you go to sleep.

    • Also forgot to mention that apple cider vinegar can be heated on a stove and inhaled to clean out lungs of potential mold, fungus, or bacteria it has in it.

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  • Moving out is best until you can solve the mystery
    which involves a) pet dander past/present that hides everywhere and persists even vacs... vacuuming everyday in the same places is waste of time when not getting the vac into new dander areas
    b) bad vac... even the fancy ones are bought for reasons other than BEST VAC in suction/beating/retaining HEPA particles then dumping often - YOU should buy the best vac possible & take control + face mask

    Replacing the carpets, Lysol the floors/walls can help.
    More water can mitigate/dilute the particles ingested
    Frequent baths/showers
    Ion machine & humidifiers for dander but under 50%rh if dust mites are afoot
    Frequent HVAC filter changes w/HEPA
    New mattress!
    Hot water washer settings for bedding, perhaps clothing

  • The Vacuum causes all that junk that is one the filthy floor to go up into the air where you breathe it. The only thing you can do is

    Take medication


    Tell your parents to buy new carpet

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  • Get the room/house checked for mold and asbestos. Both of which can cause those symptoms and can be deadly.

  • Could be a mold in the house or the weather even.


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