Do I sound desperate to her?

I just started talking to this girl, like met her two weekends ago, and just starting having private conversions this week, but nothing serious really.

She first started calling me "loner joe" when we first met because I am a "wallflower" lol I know I'm a introverted/shy guy. I enjoy going to parties but I don't say much. Last weekend I had just enough drinks to talk more freely and we talked for a while at a party. The next day she sent me a message on FB saying "It was so good to actually talk last night. You're pretty cool, Loner Joe"

I said, "Well thank you. You are defiantly the most interesting person I have talked to in quite a while." then she said "Im still pleasantly surprised you don't think I'm completely bonkers. Perhaps the pups can have a play date soon! After mine mans up a bit. Ha" She said that because the night we talked, we were talking about our dogs and I mentioned that they should play together sometime, she said she was worried because her's is a puppy, and mine is almost two years old.

We talked for a while, she joked and said one way for her to tell if I'm drunk is if I actually speak to her. I was trying to be "cool" lol and said "Not so much lol, you're a pretty cool chick, I wouldn't need to be drinking to talk to you, just the opportunity :)"

She didn't say anything back, now I feel like I might be coming on too strong or desperate or something. What do you girls think?


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  • I don't think your'e coming on too strong. Give it time, maybe she's busy! if she's not answering after a day or two maybe pop an interesting question that she would love to answer! Most girls love talking about themselves! If she never responds, maybe she's just not that into you. Just move on and find a new girl :)


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