Why is my live-in partner is still have letters, cards from her ex GF?

as I clean up his drawer, I saw letters, cards from his ex girlfriend, I suppose to throw it away but he refuses cause he said he will return it properly when they meet again. Is it true? or he still had feelings with her ex?


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  • Well, when I break up I get rid of everything. Pictures, letters, favorite emails, nude pics, voice mails (if I happen to save a few awesome ones), gifts, any anything else that ties me to the relationship. For me, it;'s the healthiest way to go about it so I can move on.

    With that said, I'm just one man and I certainly can't speak for anyone else, But yeah, coming from my p.o.v., I think it's a LITTLE odd that he's still got some of that stuff. Might not mean anything at all to him, though.

  • I kept some stuff from my Ex before but I would certainly make sure to get rid of it once I met a new girl.


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