How do I keep in contact with the girl I like?

you see I'm moving houses next month and am also moving schools, but the only problem is that the girl I like iss at my school now, but how do we stay friends if I am only going to see her every now and them.

please help!


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  • If she knows that you like her and feels the same way, then she'll try her best to keep the communication with you. We're in the stage of technology everywhere. Get her number. Keep texting her or give her a call once in awhile. Invite her to go watch a movie with you and some other friends sometime, if you're not comfortable letting her know you like her or being around her alone.


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  • You don't.

    Or webcams, social media, phones, and other technologies designed specifically for this purpose.

    Or you don't.

    ( You don't is the right answer )

    • i want to and we both hate social media, the best I got is that we have phones but she is always getting hers taking off her for doing things she is told not to.

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    • but I won't to see her, do I invite her over?

    • Sure, that works. Or you go over there. Whichever.

  • Facebook, pen pals, etc..


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