Boyfriend and I got into second large argument since moving in with each other.

I don't think moving in, just the two of us was such a factor considering we lived with my parents for one year before moving out. I just think we might be getting on each others nerves since neither of us have a job or really go out. (moved to new area for school so had to quit our job and don't have friends in this new area)

Basically, we both couldn't sleep last night, he got out of bed, few minutes later I came out to. When I asked if everything was OK, he gave me attitude saying "nothinggggg...". He always pesters me when something is wrong till I tell him, so I knew something was wrong and was asking "are you sure". He raised his voice at me. I walked away and said "you didn't have to f***ing talk to me like that". PROBLEM 2. He HATES when I swear. Yes, it comes out within my sentences when I get angry sometimes. Was crying, came back out wanting to know if he wants to break up, he says "I don't know". I was basically like "I don't either" and I said "honestly, the door is open if you want to leave since I obviously don't treat you with respect and am exactly like your ex". (Main reason for ex is cause she was mean to him too).

ISSUE 3. After we calmed down, EVERYTHING is back to normal. It's still in the air but all I have to do is not swear and everything is perfect. We were kind of fooling around.

Honestly, he is an AMAZING guy. So sweet, kind, romantic, supportive, understanding, very marriage material. He is right, I don't always treat him right, whereas he does nothing wrong! In 2 days I am staying with my parents (for other reasons), but I am kind of excited since we can have some space.

I guess I'm wondering, what do you think of this situation?

We are never ones to fight, this is our second biggest argument and nothing like this happened when we were living at my parents place. We also weren't home 24/7 with each other.


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  • Ok woman, this is clearly a retaliation issue. What's happening is that one person gets angry from when the other person responds in a rude, vile and angry way.

    I think the key here is to not get angry no matter what your boyfriend says to you. This is because you claim everything is back to normal when you both have calmed down so this shows anger can be the issue.

    If you truly love each other, you should make this clear during a time you think a huge argument is about to occur. Or another option is, that is when you both are getting heated up from an argument, tell your boyfriend that you should resolve the matter when you've both calmed down.

    What you don't want is for you just attack the other person as there no reason to be spiteful. I hope this helps.

    I'm 16 by the way :D

    • I'm glad my advice helped you. :)

    • Yes, thank you! I used to be like you, giving people relationship advice (didn't have a boyfriend at the time). Now I ask other people for advice because I don't know how to handle things sometimes!

    • You must have taken an arrow to the knee... :/

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  • I think you're right in that you're bored. Get jobs/school, or find some fun things to do TOGETHER. Also, couples fight. It happens a lot. Especially when you're living together. It's good to give each other some space but not at all a reason to be considering anything drastic.


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