My friend who rejected me. now she's acting so strange it seems like.. What do you think?

So there's this girl that I met through a mutual friend and I've known her for about 2 months now. We've become pretty good friends. We would hang out a bunch and we went to a lot of concerts and spent a lot of time together. I eventually started to like her and I told her. However, she told me that she only liked spending time with me as friends. So I was a bit surprised by this, because I did ask her to dinner and we had dinner together, and she lit candles and it was nice. We also spent so much time together I kinda thought she may have liked me.

Anyways, I moved on, but remained friends with her. I didn't talk to her as much anymore, but I still kept in touch. I eventually found a new girl that I liked and I started to date this new girl. When my friend found out about this new girl, she instantly texted me asking about my new girl... I found this a bit odd, but at the same time, she could've just been curious. Anyways, this weekend my friend texts me. She would rarely text me first. When I liked her, I realized that I was the one doing the texting and calling first and she would never text me. She also was taking super long to respond to my texts and said she would call back and never would...

anyways, she then calls me and I missed the call and called her back. She then invited me to go to a casino with her for the night. I LOVE gambling so I was like hell yeah I'll go. My girlfriend was out of town so I figured it would be okay to go just as friends. We went, had a good time.

The next day. SHe texts me again and invites me over to her house to go swimming in her pool.. again, she was the one who texts me first now.. I just am surprised Because she would never reach out and contact me and now all of a sudden she is.

so after swimming and having dinner, we went to the store to get supplies for her job. she needed help so I volunteered to tag along. So at the store, she would brush up against me when I was pushing the cart. It was like.. a close brush up and there's no way she would not have noticed... it was almost like we were attached. I was kinda surprised by this, because she kept doing it. she would walk super close to me and was like RIGHT on top of me...

anyways, we went out, got ice cream went back to her house and watched TV together on the couch. Separate sides. However, her foot managed to rest up against my leg... and wen I moved my leg, her foot then managed to find it's way back to my leg... Yeah this is like not much, but she def would've felt her foot touching my leg..

anyways, we went outside and I said goodbye. I didn't want to hug her so I started walking away and said good night. I looked back and she was standing there awkwardly looking at me waiting for a hug... SO I had to hug her at this point...

When I go to hug her, she hugs me back, but gets real close and seemed like she went to kiss me on the cheek but I didn't kiss her on the cheek..

what is going on here? what do you think?

any advice will be greatly appreciated


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hello I am a girl and trust me I know how girls think! there are two possibles answers! I will tell you the most possible one first! This girl must be beautiful.. or she might have a lot of confidence.. she took you ask granted. let me tell you something sweety, GIRLS LIKE TO BE LIKED. you showed her that you liked her very much and that you were into her. She liked it because she felt beautiful and wanted. her confidence was high! and she thought that you would be forever and evern love with her. but when she learned about your new girlfriend, her ego hurted and she tries to win you back just because she is selfish. It doesn't mean that she is a bad girl or something, most of girls act like her. It's a girlish fetish... I don't know when we lose someone who we were taken him as granted, we lose our minds and act weird! My opinion, tell her that you like your new friend and that you and her are over.

    Second scrip: she might liked you all this time, and after you moved on she might realized it.

    My opinion? the first scrip is more realistic. I hope I don't sound like a bitch, but girls think like that... anyway I wish you luck


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  • She is jealous. She liked getting the attention you used to give her and probably thought you would not be going anywhere anytime soon. As soon as she found out about your new girl, she was very interested again. She doesn't want you, but doesn't want anyone else to have you either. Run for the hills man, run for the I can guarantee that if you broke up with your girlfriend, she would go back to wanting to be "just friends".

  • She was probably texting you about the girl because she was jealous. Brushing up so close to you, putting her foot on your leg, and trying to kiss you are signs that she might like you.


What Guys Said 3

  • Often when you have started spending time with someone else, a 'friend' who didn't want any intimate contact suddenly starts to be jealous, and starts to wonder what he/she is missing!

    Clearly she's telling you she doesn't want to lose contact because of the other girl. She is hinting, maybe, that she wouldn't mind if you tried again with her. But it's delicate. She might be acting so friendly because she thinks you are 'safe', given that you have the new girl, so she can be affectionate with you without your getting any ideas!...

    I'd stay in touch with her, but keep my distance a little, and see if she will stop 'hinting' and tell you exactly what she intends!

  • sounds like jealousy.

  • I went through that same problem and I tell you like this to keep it on a friendship level with her.

    She will want to know why and tell her that's what she said she wanted so you moved on.

    One thing that I've learned from being a male friend is there is no such thing as male female friends because, one like the other more. I f***ed all of my female friends and I thought that we were just friends but they made the first move.


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