Do you think guys break up with girls more? Or the other way around?

In your experience have more bfs/gfs broken up with you or is it you that does most of the breaking up?
my current boyfriend has broken up with all his exes not the other way around...I found this odd so that's why I asked.


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  • I think guys dump girls more. The kind of guy who can get a girlfriend in the first place knows how to get girls: he's got game. If he breaks up, he can easily get another girlfriend. It doens't work that way for most girls, since they choose not to approach.


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  • girls dump you as soon as they find a guy who is 'more compatible' with them, instead of trying to improve their relationship with you

  • Both of my exes broke up with me.

    And by broke up I mean one terminated the relationship to go be with another guy and the other ceased all contact with me forever.

  • No girls are the ones always breaking up with guys. Unfortunately most girls are entitled today and will skip around from guy to guy with the interest of finding one who will provide them with a bigger challenge then the last, or who has a larger bank account. I feel like the entire fundamental principle of relationships today are so eroded that it has caused so many people to be single as a result. I want a girl to date me for me, not for my 6pack or my strong jawline. I don't want to be dated so someone can attempt to change me as a challenge. Why can't chicks just be normal?


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