He was ignoring me but now he wants to stay in contact

First semester at school I met a guy I became pretty good friends with. He would always tease me and do things to annoy me which would cause us to fight a lot A few of my friends mentioned that he might like me but I was never sure if he was really serious. However when he found out that he was coming back we started spending a lot more time together. He started calling me more to spend time with him. When I sat next to him he would lay on me and soon he started asking me to give him massages when we were alone. (Which I thought was weird because I thought we were just friends) During his last weekend at school he wanted to sleep in my room but he ended up ditching me but later that weekend we did end up cuddling (which he initiated) and spending the night together.After that night even though he told my friend he had feelings for me he seemed really distant. I felt like he was ignoring me.After first semester ended I would text him and he would barely text back. Second semester was hard for me because I was used to spending so much time with him but because he seemed so un-interested in me. I did one day admit to liking him and he joked that it was too late now.

It wasn't until school that he started calling me again. he calls me at least once a month just to update me on his life. He gets mad at me because I never call him I am more of a texter but to him that is not as good. He has also tried to videochat me a few times. We joke that his communication score is higher than mine and he does all the work. I know I can do better but It just that he was ignoring me for so long. He'll get mad at me If I don't text him back right away but he'll text me back days laters -.-. I just don't understand him.

I just think it was weird that he was so distant before but I still have feelings for him.


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  • Once a month is not a valid "reconnection" in terms of your relationship status. When he happens to think of you he calls.


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