Help: I think I'm FALLING in love w/him, I am so afraid of getting hurt!

I know saying that you might be falling for someone sound like the best thing in the world, and I really hope it is! I think he might actually be exactly what I want and need in a man (and I think I actually might be the same for him)! He's so good to me and genuinely cares about me. We've been on 10 dates and have been seeing each other for 7 weeks... So I'm not rushing into my feeling nor am I telling him using dramatic words like "love" (he knows how much I like him and he feels the same way).

I aslo haven't really liked a guy this much since my last and most serious ex boyfriend (which ended in a broken heart twice).

The catch he's recently divorced (she was a selfish wife, he was in the right to end it, and he doesn't miss her or have kids with her). He wants to take things slow and doesn't want to rush into a relationship because of everything he's been through over the year but he told me he likes me more and more each time we hang out and he isn't looking to date anyone else (I know I'm the only woman he's slept with since his ex)... We've spoken about it (he actually brought it up because he really does care about me).. I told him I understand him taking his time I just do want a relationship potentially and in a few weeks hope he's ready...I'm just worried, what if he isn't ready in a few more weeks ? Any insight?


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  • I'm generally pro-relationship, but my predictions on this one are rainy.

    I'm predicting a third broken heart, after a long relationship (maybe even years).

    When it happens, remember some random schmoe on the internet warned you :)

    • lol if this lasts years it's probably going to last the long hall, we both want the same things down the line.. To stay in the city at least 5 more years, have two kids, a lake house & we both value family more than anything else... He's not someone who just backs out of relationships & I can tell that because while he's moving slow he's def taking steps foreword. His ex became a rude manipulative psycho who didn't work & was mean to his family.. He's a good guy.. Everything that my ex wasn't

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    • Someone who isn't 100% sure.

      Everyone's ex-spouse is this, that, or the other thing. Divorces can be very messy events.

      Rather, the philosophical concept of backing out an unpleasant situation, or rather, *allowing* an unpleasant situation to form because you *can* back out, is the essence of all marital failure. As long as he lives with this concept, then this kind of thinking can also get applied to you. But eh, maybe he's a changed man. I just know divorcees tend to keep striking out.

    • lol you're seeing this as it's his fault for reaching a breaking point & ending it? What if he was being abused by her, that she wasn't the good person he thought she was and that she pretended to be in the beginning.. I personally don't pretend to be a good person because I actually am one, I would never mentally, physically or financially abuse him or anyone.. My mother was divorced & my father had just ended an engagement when they met... & they've been together for 30 years now & are so in love

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