My teacher is giving me long looks?

Flirting is to communicate interest and stir embers. Sometimes you can't help it, but once you start staring at the person and not breaking eye contact, it's a conscious decision. My female professor is doing that to me: staring at me with a smile and keeping eye contact for several seconds, even though I'll look away and back and she's still looking. She knows getting involved with a student can be disastrous for her job. Stealing glances is one thing, but looking that long and not breaking eye contact makes me think she wants me to know it. Stealing glances seems to = "I'm tempted". Giving prolonged looks seems to = "I want you to know I'm tempted". She's pretty young so it isn't creepy, it's kind of flattering. But why's she making it that obvious?


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  • No one here will know for sure, only she knows... its a possibility that she is attracted to you and shows it blatantly because she doesn't really care about rules or if you know it. Or maybe she's just looking at what she finds attractive with no intention of actually acting on it.


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  • Depending on the college, it may be fine for her to date students as long as they aren't current students.

  • interesting, what kind of colleges do you people go to?


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