Is there some sort of unwritten rule about who makes the next move?

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Girls, is there some sort of unwritten rule about who makes the next move? Like if a girl makes an effort to initiate conversation with me, is it on me to make the next move? Like initiate the next convo? This girl in work with and I have been building chemistry over the past few months. She make a bold move or two to initiate a coversation with me,where I'm like "whoa" then will seemingly disappear for a day or so.what gives? I feel like we rotate fairly equally, but she probably does a little more than me.


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  • People may tell you there are rules, but it really should be give and take. If one person is initiating all of the convos, they're going to assume the other person isn't interested enough to initiate.

    If it's to the point where you're pretty sure they're into you, ask them out. I suggest that to both guys and girls.


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  • Yeah we don't like to feel like we're putting in most of the effort so if she disappears for a while she's trying to see if you care enough to start a conversation with her. Please don't confuse this with her playing mind games it's not.. You may have had a really good conversation and flirt one day and then the next she didn't hear from you like she was expecting to and got a little disheartened probably thinking that you didn't feel the same way as she did so she left you alone thinking you weren't interested or in a why should I bother if he doesn't mood.

    • We seem to have this weird thing connect game we're we meet in the hall many morning to and from the break room. It's really odd but she seems to dig it. Like an excuse to bump into each other and talk. She doesn't do it with anyone else. I feel she follows me more than I her, but somedays we don't meet and I feel like its my turn to follow her but don't want to be too obvious. Maybe I'm spoiled, on days he doesn't follow me I'm like maybe she's not thy into me and it a coinciden tho clearly not

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    • I'm very curious, if you could elaborate on that for me?!

    • Used to hold his eye contact to see who would break it first, make little jokes etc.

  • It's not exactly a rule but it's normal for her to be expecting you to initiate the next conversation.

  • Always the guy! He has to make the first move

  • The guy always makes the first move


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  • Girl initiating conversation?!

    What planet is that on and what airline can take me there?

    • Haha, I know right? I mean we know each other but she's still pretty shy. But, yes occaisonlly she will initiate with me.

    • :) I'm glad you took my little joke so good.

      But in all seriousness, the only times girls have initated conversation with me was when they took the initiative to ask "Hey, weren't we together in math last year" and such; always girls I'm not attracted to so I don't remember if they ever initated conversation again. But girls that only send me signals, and I initate conversations with first - are the girls where I always, always, have to initate conversations with again ..and I 100% hate that

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