How hurt should I be for not being invited to family picnic?

My boyfriend and I have been dating since mid April. He is separated from his wife, and they all know of her. Supposively, his co-workers know about me. I am really starting to think that is false.

We were given free tickets to hang out at the state fair for a day. Him and his coworker/room mate were talking about the company picnic and free concert going on this Saturday. On top of that, he has an interview, his daughter's birthday party, company picnic, and the concert. So far, he only talked about us hanging out at the fair sometime. I then suggested getting more free passes (he and I volunteered and I know the person with tickets)... this way, he and I can go to the fair Friday to spend time together, and him and his friend can go to the concert together. He seemed confused so I joking said it would be awkward for me to go to the birthday party and interview as well as doing picnic and concert. He then says maaaybe. I then responded and said that I should have said the picnic would be another awkward thing only to see the text for me to joking shut up (we playfully kid like that).

What I am gathering is that he has no interest of me coming with him. He has avoided me meeting his coworkers before when they went out drinking. He called me to pick him up and then he said go back home because he found another ride from a coworker. Only people in his llife I have met are his coworker that he lives with and his brother he hardly sees. He recently met my dad and loved him, so I figured things were finally getting a little more serious.

Am I reading too much into this?


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  • I think so.


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