Guy I used to talk to a lot now possibly disinterested?!

So I met him online and we talked for a while and then started skyping. All we did was talk for hours and it was great! Well, then my local fair began so we met up and walked around then went to this park. We sat on a hill and watched the sun set. We just sat there talking and he would brush my hair out of my face and when we actually cuddled together, he would just pet my hair back and kiss my head and then we stared at the stars. We ended up makingout and stayed there for around 4 hours. It was perfect! He drove me home and said "Talk to me anytime, don't be a stranger" with a hug. He was very gentle and sweet.

Now he very distant and I don't understand why! I mean he was decent at texting before, but now it seems as if he's not interested and twice he didn't reply. We don't Skype anymore.

I really like him so I'm hoping he's just been busy. Please help!
And also, him doing all that sweet stuff ( kiss him forehead, brushing back my hair, ect...) Is that what ever guy does because they know that what girls like or do they do that because they want to?


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  • It depends on how long it's been. If it's only been a couple days, just relax. He's probably trying to pace the relationship.

    If it's been a week or more, he decided he doesn't want to meet you again, and you should move on. It happens, especially with men. When we're with women, it's very easy for our hormones to dictate our actions, especially for younger people. Once we get out of the situation, and our hormones settle down, we can examine the event and come to an unbiased conclusion about how we feel about the other person. It sucks, but you're young. Just move on.

    • Well, (as a visual) we stopped talking on Sun. & on the next Sat. we both went to the same concert & I didn't talk to him cause I was mad at him thinking we were done. He stared at me throught the entire time. Once as we passed each other walking around, I was rubbing my neck cause it really hurt & he had a very concerned face as he just stared at me.Then at the end he came up to me & was all "HEY!" & then he began protecting me but didn't touch me much.

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